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Integrated Radiology

Leaders Magazine—July 3, 2017

Leaders Magazine interviewed Hollis G. Potter, MD, chair of the department of radiology at HSS, about the importance of choosing the right radiologist for care. "If one has their MRI done at a specialty facility and interpreted by an experienced radiologist with expertise in that area, they’ll have a better surgical outcome, less time in the operating room, and a more rapid rehabilitation period," said Dr. Potter.

Dr. Potter said that some patients do not think about picking the right radiologist due to the assumption that the surgeon handles the MRI imaging. At HSS, Dr. Potter noted "many of the surgeons get an MRI before they examine the patient so that they can examine the patient in light of the imaging findings….This allows them to come up with the best treatment plan. Radiologists at HSS are very integrated into the entire plan of care."

Read the full article at leadersmag.com. This article also appeared in the July, August, September 2017 print edition.


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