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Kym Hampton Makes Appearance at Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)® Holiday Party

New York—January 5, 2009

Professional women’s basketball legend Kym Hampton opened the HSS Charla de Lupus (Lupus Chat)® holiday party on Friday, January 2nd, 2009. She gave a motivational speech to the group based on her achievements during her career.

In 1997 she was selected fourth overall in the initial Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) Elite Draft. She appeared in two playoff series with the New York Liberty, as well as played starting Center in the first WNBA All-Star Game before retiring in 2000 due to injury. Hampton also played professional basketball in Spain, Italy, France, and Japan for nearly thirteen years. She now pursues a career as a model, singer, and spokesperson for organizations such as the NBA, WNBA, New York Liberty and New York Knicks.

"Stay positive, do the things you can do to keep yourself healthy," Hampton told the group. "Whatever your body is going through will affect your mind. Don't let you body's aches and pains make your mind feel the same.

"Teamwork is key on the court and in life. Your family and friends are your team and will help you get through the tough times," she added.

The Charla de Lupus program at Hospital for Special Surgery is a national peer education service staffed by trained volunteers who are lupus veterans, with an emphasis on reaching Spanish-speaking communities. The goal of the program is to provide support to those coping with lupus and friends and families of patients. Services are provided in both English and Spanish either in person at area hospitals or via telephone. The program also sponsors a monthly chat group for teens with lupus and their parents. The Charla de Lupus holiday party is open to members of the group, as well as members of the Teen and Parent Lupus Chat Group.

Hospital for Special Surgery has had a close relationship with the New York Liberty since 2005. The team is under the care of Lisa R. Callahan, MD, Director of Player Care, and Jo A. Hannafin, MD, PhD, Head Team Physician.



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