Knee Injuries Nothing to Sniff At: Nasal Cartilage Grafts Used to Help Sore Knees

ABC News—October 20, 2016

ABC News medical unit's Dr. Sabina Rebis reports on a new small study published in the Lancet from Swiss researchers that shows surgeons are using nasal cartilage to help patch up knees. Millions of Americans suffer from painful knee joints as a result of damaged knee cartilage.

She speaks with Riley J. Williams III, MD, sports medicine surgeon and director of the Institute for Cartilage Repair at Hospital for Special Surgery, who has used cartilage cells from the knee to fix ankles, hips and shoulders.

"Nasal cartilage is hyaline cartilage same as is found in the knee, so I’m not surprised it would form new hyaline cartilage when transplanted into the knee, so it should over time mature to cartilage-like tissue," Dr. Williams said.

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