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KFNS 590: December 10, 2017

KFNS 590—December 10, 2017

KFNS 590’s The Fan hosted HSS spine surgeon Andrew A. Sama, MD live on-air to discuss Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier’s back injury and spinal stabilization surgery.

Dr. Sama, who did not treat Shazier, said "I think any one of these injuries is catastrophic. Any one player or person who gets injured to the point where they lose their baseline function is tremendously concerning. If there is something we can do to mitigate that or help that not occur, obviously that’s paramount."

Additionally, he noted that protocol has changed for football players in the past 30 years. Previously, they were encouraged to tackle with their heads, but today they are taught to use their shoulders.

"Education at a very young age is tremendously important," Dr. Sama added.

For treatment, Dr. Sama explained that the surgery involves taking pressure away from the nerves and then "stabilizing the segment that has been rendered unstable by the injury".

This segment aired during the December 10, 2017 broadcast.


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