5 Summer Safety Tips

Max Sports and Fitness—June 1, 2015


Max Sports and Fitness writes about the five summer safety tips that will help individuals enjoy their summer outdoors. The tips include, conditioning when working out in summer months, using proper equipment while doing outdoor activities, know your flora and fauna, be careful mixing alcohol with activities, and be prepared while taking part in accident-prone activities.


"To start, it's important to maintain good nutrition with a well-balanced diet and adequate fluid intake to provide your body with the energy and hydration necessary to engage in your sporting activity of choice," said Kenton Fibel, MD, a primary care sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.


Continued hydration is crucial, too, added Dr. Fibel, who suggests incorporating water breaks into any workout, including mixing in electrolyte drinks, especially in hot and humid weather.


The full article originally appeared at maxsportsandfitness.com.


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