Don't Let Your Resolutions Run You Down

New York Press—January 9, 2013

There's nothing like the month of January to make you swear up and down that this will be the year you opt for fruit over chocolate or never skip spin class for sleep. If history holds true, however, things probably won't go exactly as planned. In an effort to do all that we can to make sure that 2013 is unlike years past, we’ve scoured the city for the best treatments to keep your health and fitness resolutions in check.


Get a diagnosis at Hospital for Special Surgery where diagnostics are offered for various sports and activities. Their Running Mechanics Profile ($320), for example, lets you know how your running form is, whether you pronate, if you’re a heel-striker, if you're in the right shoes, whether your running form is putting you at risk for injury and much more, so that you can have all the tools you need for safe workouts in 2013.


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