Sweeny: Joba Chamberlain Faces Tough Road To Recovery After Dislocating Ankle

CBS New York Radio—March 23, 2012

Did Joba Chamberlain ruin his baseball career by playing on a trampoline with his son? It may be too early to answer that question, but it’s certainly a possibility.

Dr. John Kennedy, a foot and ankle specialist and an orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, said Friday morning that an ankle dislocation in any sport could be considered career threatening depending on the severity. And that’s what we are waiting to find out now.

Dr. Kennedy said that after determining any ligament and cartilage damage that needs to be repaired or reconstructed, the single most important factor is the blood supply to the ankle, which to that part of the body is not good to begin with. And it may take several months to determine how that has been affected.

Dr. Kennedy stated quite plainly and obviously that Joba faces “a very tough road, but (pitching again) is certainly possible.”

Read the full story at newyork.cbslocal.com.


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