Is cracking your back safe?

Is cracking your back safe?

Fox News—April 3, 2014

After a long day, you may feel the need to bend or twist your body until you hear that relieving "pop" sound in your joints. But is the old wives’ tale about cracking our joints true? Could you be causing serious damage?

“Cracking or self-adjusting any joint within the body is bad for you if it is done in a habitual manner,” Dr. Christopher Anselmi, a Chiropractor at Hospital for Special Surgery’s Integrative Care Center in New York City told “These joints are composed of ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue structures which can wear out over time. Any undue stress placed on these joints can lead to premature breakdown.”

Although the “cracking” or “popping” noise you hear may sound alarming, it doesn’t mean anything is breaking. Our joints contain fluid and gases like nitrogen and carbon dioxide. When the liquid is put under pressure and force is applied to the joint, the gas exits and creates a "pop-like" sound.

If you’re cracking your back to alleviate tension, Anselmi suggests easy stretches.

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