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3 Fatal Injuries That 'Game of Thrones' Characters Survived, Explained

Inverse—August 14, 2017

In an article by Inverse, HSS hip and knee surgeon Michael L. Parks, MD discussed the serious injuries that characters from a popular TV show face and the likelihood of their survival. Dr. Parks, who trained in trauma surgery, said one character who fell from a tower should have not survived. Dr. Parks said the character’s spinal fracture was a realistic prognosis, but a similar case in real life would have been fatal.

"He’d break his heel bone, his legs, and he’d break his spine…More serious injuries would have happened from that height," he said.

When discussing another character who fell down a cliff, Dr. Parks said "with a bone sticking out with that dirty wound, it’s certain that The Hound would have lost his leg. An open fracture is a surgical emergency, and even now we would worry about it."

Dr. Parks compared medicine from the middle ages to today, and said "fortunately, we’re able to do more for our patients in terms of restoration of function, but those are things that had to be dealt with."

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