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Ice Storm Safety Tips

1010 WINS—February 2, 2011

The ice storm hitting the TriState area is creating a profound safety concern for pedestrians and drivers alike.

Experts offer the following suggestions as you hit the streets, to help make sure the streets don’t hit you.

For pedestrians:

- Be especially careful on the steps while getting on or off buses, or up and down subway stairs. They are particularly hazardous. “Most importantly, you should always use the handrail,” Dr. Geoffrey Westrich told 1010 WINS reporter Alice Stockton-Rossini. Westrich is an orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Alice Stockton-Rossini with Dr. Westrich

- Westrich advises pedestrians to wear boots or shoes with rubber soles that offer excellent traction. Dress for the weather, and skip fancier shoes you might wear to an office on a typical day. Shoes with leather bottoms are apparently the worst in this weather, says Westrich.

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