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Hospital for Special Surgery Surgeon Dispels Hip Replacement Hype

Palm Beach Daily News—March 13, 2015

The Internet might be a good place to research a restaurant or watch a cute cat video, but it’s not the best source of information on hip-replacement surgery, according to Dr. David Mayman, an orthopedic surgeon with Hospital for Special Surgery.

“Maybe it will someday, but as of now, the Google School of Medicine does not exist,” Mayman told a crowd at The Breakers on Monday during the 152-year-old hospital’s annual Palm Beach symposium.

“Anybody can put anything on the Internet. And that makes it difficult for people who don’t have the training and education to figure out what’s real and what’s not,” Mayman said.

Surgeon-in-chief Todd J. Albert said providing the highest level of care is possible because surgeons work closely with rheumatologists, anesthesiologists and other professionals. “To do so requires a village, so to speak,” Albert said.

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