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New York Magazine Designates Three Hospital for Special Surgery Radiologists Among the City’s Best Doctors

New York—June 18, 2007

According to New York Magazine, one of life's most important questions is how to find a first-rate physician when you need one. On June 11, the magazine released its tenth annual "Best Doctors" list to help answer this question.

Of the 42 doctors that appear on the list from Hospital for Special Surgery, three of those doctors are radiologists. Dr. Ronald Adler, Chief, Division of Ultrasound and Body CT; Dr. Hollis Potter, Chief, Division of Magnetic Resonance Imaging; and Dr. Gregory Saboeiro, Chief, Division of Interventional Radiology and CT, were all honored in this year’s issue. These designations help to reinforce the reputation of the Department of Radiology and Imaging’s expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic and rheumatologic conditions.

“We are fortunate at Hospital for Special Surgery to be able to dedicate our imaging expertise to the musculoskeletal system,” said Dr. Helene Pavlov, Chief, Department of Radiology and Imaging. “The clinical caseload, expertise, and collaboration with our colleagues create unparalleled research opportunities. Drs. Adler, Potter, and Saboeiro have received numerous research awards and grants and are recognized for their accomplishments in imaging. They, along with their radiology co-workers, provide quality patient care daily and their research assures that future patients will benefit from the most advanced imaging protocols and techniques. I am proud to have the achievements of our staff members at Hospital for Special Surgery Department of Radiology and Imaging recognized by New York Magazine.”

As was the case in years past, physicians and surgeons from HSS constituted a healthy portion of New York’s “Best Doctors.”

Drs. Adler, Potter and Saboeiro are all board-certified radiologists with specific expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. All three of these doctors are recognized for their clinical expertise, publish regularly and speak at medical conferences worldwide.

A New York City research and information company, Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., conducts the research and surveying that help to determine which doctors appear on the list. To select the doctors, Castle Connolly sends out 12,000 nomination forms to medical professionals in New York City, Westchester County, Long Island, and portions of New Jersey and Connecticut. The recipients include randomly selected board-certified doctors; all doctors listed in the previous edition of Castle Connolly’s annual guidebook; and, from every hospital in the area, the president or CEO, the vice-president of medical affairs, and up to eight chiefs of service in departments from surgery to pediatrics. The forms ask recipients to nominate those doctors who, in their judgment, are the best in their field and related fields—especially those to whom they would refer their own patients and family members (doctors are asked not to nominate themselves; nominations are kept confidential).

About Hospital for Special Surgery Department of Radiology and Imaging

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Department of Radiology and Imaging has the largest and most experienced academic musculoskeletal radiology faculty in the world, each with academic appointments at Weill Cornell Medical College. HSS radiologists are board-certified by the American Board of Radiology and have received numerous awards by honor and professional societies, including the Consumer's Research Council of America Guide to America's Top Radiologists. The department's focus is on both the imaging diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions and diseases and the treatment of specific conditions utilizing image guidance. More than 185,000 musculoskeletal examinations are performed annually, of which approximately 136,000 exams are conventional radiography. Other imaging includes Magnetic Resonance (MR), Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound (US), Nuclear Medicine (NM), and Teleradiology. Approximately 98 percent of all imaging in the Department is acquired digitally.

HSS Radiologists are committed to excellence and understand that “all images and imaging are not created equal." For more information on the Department of Radiology and Imaging at Hospital for Special Surgery, contact 212.606.1132 or send an email to info@imaging.hss.edu.

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