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HSS Testing Portable Gait Analysis Mat

Orthopedics This Week—July 21, 2016

According to Orthopedics This Week, Hospital for Special Surgery’s Michael M. Alexiades, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, and Rupali Joshi, PT, PhD, lead investigator and an HSS physical therapist, are testing early outcomes of post-surgical hip patients with the help of a portable gait analysis.

"Patients' walking patterns are very important. If they are not walking symmetrically or have abnormal patterns because of weakness or another issue, they may be compensating by putting pressure on their spine or other joints," said Rupali. "In addition to objectively analyzing functional outcomes after hip replacement, the system will allow us to tailor a physical therapy program or provide specific exercises to help patients overcome weaknesses and develop a normal walking pattern."

To read the full article, visit Ryortho.com.


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