Relief for Women with Knee Surgery

Pain walking? Now there's a treatment geared just for women.—May 16, 2006

One company thinks their device will give better results for women. They've gotten FDA approval for what they call a gender-specific replacement joint for women, who have a different anatomy than do men.

Dr. Steven Haas, associate attending orthopaedic surgeon, Hospital for Special Surgery: "The majority of patients getting these are are females so you have to size the implants appropriately for that group of patients."

Compared to these other implants, the new knee device is said to fit women better and has changes in other dimensions to more naturally mimic a woman's stride. Doctor Haas says most manufacturers have also addressed the issue of the differences between men's and women's knees.

Dr. Steven Haas: "The smaller sized implants current designs are based on a woman's anatomy. The larger sized implants are based on male anatomy."

There are nine to ten sizes now available from each maker.

With modern knee replacement, about five to 10 percent of patients have problems after surgery: achiness going down steps, stiffness. Interestingly, the same number of women as men have those problems.


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