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Hospital for Special Surgery Combine Provides Brooklyn High School Athletes with NFL Style Treatment

Brooklyn Daily Eagle—September 9, 2014

Injuries and sports go hand in hand. A single injury can ruin a play, a game, a season and even a career. So it's important that athletes are educated on injuries, treated properly when they occur and monitored as they recover.

Luckily, the Public School Athletic League’s (PSAL) student-athletes in Brooklyn and New York City had the opportunity to undergo preseason health and fitness screenings at the Hospital for Special Surgery's (HSS) combine it offered on Aug. 9.

“What we try to do (at the combine) is a performance test to help identify any deficits that may enhance performance and, more importantly, prevent injuries,” said John Cavanaugh, a certified athletic trainer at HSS, who organizes the screenings each year. “In addition to giving the students a complete physical, we assess their core muscle strength as well as their lower extremity strength, power and flexibility, information that can lead to injury prevention and performance enhancement.”

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