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HSS Best Orthopedic Work Place Says Gallup

Orthopedics This Week—May 7, 2012

Hospital for Special Surgery has received the 2012 Gallup Great Workplace Award, an honor bestowed on only 27 organizations worldwide this year. The hospital received the award because its results demonstrate one of the most "productive and engaged" workforces in the world. OTW asked HSS President and CEO Louis A. Shapiro the following question: What is the first indication a patient has when he or she enters HSS that "things are different here?" Shapiro told OTW, "It's not what they see, it's what they feel! They sense that everyone is on the same page and can easily tell that people really care about the organization and how staff and patients interact. Yes, you would expect the CEO to say that, but truly, it's validated every day when patients stop me in the elevator, send me 'thank you' letters, etc."

And, says Shapiro, the good feelings are backed up by numbers. "In the first quarter of 2012 our patient satisfaction results said it all: our composite score—which is all questions combined—was in the 99th percentile. To achieve that kind of number everyone in leadership has to feel in their hearts that culture and engagement is important. Then, if you believe it, you have to demonstrate that consistently in your actions. It’s all well and good that I believe it but my actions have to work their way to the front line leadership who at the end of the day create this special environment."

"The concrete things we do to create this environment include leadership rounds where the executive team sits down with employees and discusses patient safety and opportunities for improvement; there are also breakfast meetings with employees who started 90 days prior. In addition, we have a leadership academy where we invest in the frontline leadership to ensure that they understand employee engagement. The key to any of this being a success, however, is follow up. We make it a habit to follow up on the suggestions of all employees. That is part of the reason why Gallup found us to be an 'engaged' workplace. HSS is a place where employees feel responsible for the organization’s success. They sense that they are part of a team, and that their contribution and voice mean something. It may sound clichéd, but we are indeed like a family."


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