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How To Know If You Should See an Interventional Pain Specialist

Paramus Daily Voice—August 9, 2016

In a recent article published by Paramus Daily Voice, Semih Gungor, MD, an anesthesiologist at Hospital for Special Surgery, provides an in-depth overview of the role of interventional pain specialists in the second part of his two-part series.

Dr. Gungor explains that "Interventional pain medicine specialists may be able to figure out and treat the cause of your pain, and direct you for the right treatment options after determining the most likely pain generators. Interventional pain management is different from other pain management practices because it emphasizes the importance of a precise diagnosis so treatment can begin immediately. Rather than just prescribing medication or only recommending physical therapy, an interventional pain management specialist utilizes all sources of treatment to eliminate pain in the fastest, most effective way for each patient."

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