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NFL, union reviewing how protocol was followed for Tom Savage's concussion

Houston Chronicle—December 11, 2017

Houston Chronicle featured HSS neurologist Erin E. Manning, MD in an article about Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage’s recent concussion that occurred during a game. The article reported that Savage returned to the field after being injured.

Dr. Manning, who did not treat Savage, explained that sports physicians have limited time to evaluate an athlete on the sidelines. "You're doing it based on what the player is reporting and if you find anything. Sometimes, it's limited information, sometimes people don't start showing symptoms until long after they've had a head injury," she said.

"It's hard when you're standing on the sideline and you can't see everything on the field. That's why they put in the spotters to try to eliminate some of that," Dr. Manning added.

Read the full article at houstonchronicle.com. This article appeared in the December 12, 2017 print issue.

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