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Selena Gomez’s Kidney Transplant: Will She Need A Second In Her Lifetime? — Doctor Speaks

Hollywood Life—September 14, 2017

Hollywood Life reported that celebrity Selena Gomez recently had a kidney transplant due to complications from lupus. HSS rheumatologist Michael D. Lockshin, MD, who did not treat Gomez, explained that it is rare for lupus to reoccur in a transplanted kidney.

"If the kidney is a perfect match, it can go lifelong. Generally we start worrying at about the 10-year period. There’s chronic rejection that usually shows up around the 10-year mark," Dr. Lockshin said.

"[For] most women, about 90%, the average age of onset of Lupus is about 18-25. Sometimes, the disease starts very abruptly and a transplant is needed by that age," he added.

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