Henry Louis Gates Discusses His Recent Limb Lengthening Procedure

National Public Radio "Talk of the Nation"—January 30, 2007

Noted African-American historian and recent Hospital for Special Surgery patient Dr. Henry Louis Gates appeared on National Public Radio's (NPR) "Talk of the Nation" to discuss his recent PBS documentary "Oprah's Roots" -- a journey into the genealogy of American icon Oprah Winfrey and how her family's history relates to other African-American experiences.

During this interview, Dr. Gates reveals a personal triumph as he describes his successful limb lengthening procedure performed at Hospital for Special Surgery.  Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Robert Rozbruch (surgeon) and Dr. Svetlana Ilizarov (physiatrist) of HSS' Limb Lengthening Service, Dr. Gates proclaimed that HSS is "the best bone hospital in the United States." 

Listen to the interview.
The discussion occurs at about 13 minutes and 50 seconds into the interview.


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