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Episode 21: Nichole Thompson's Tour de ACL

Hear Her Sports—September 28, 2017

Hear Her Sports podcast hosted HSS sports medicine surgeon Sabrina M. Strickland, MD to discuss ACL tears in women. Dr. Strickland said that women have a higher risk of ACL injury than men and that the risk can vary depending on the sport.

"Women tend to have slightly smaller ligaments….The space of the ACL in the middle of the knee is a little bit smaller," she explained.

"We want to be able to tell young girls what they can do differently so they don’t tear their ACLs," she said.

She noted that a woman’s form while landing after a jump tends to be risker than a man’s. "You can practice jumping and landing in the right way, and that can train your body to do it more naturally…. There’s a number of different programs that coaches and players can look at to incorporate into their exercise regimen to reduce that risk."

Dr. Strickland said patients shouldn’t return to the sport until they’re fully recovered.

For patients going through recovery at HSS, Dr. Strickland said "we have a program we call Quality Movement Assessment where they come in and they’re videotaped. They’re analyzed while moving so we can make sure they’re moving in the right ways."

Listen to the full interview at hearhersports.libsyn.com


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