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A Healthy Dose: Lou Shapiro

A Healthy Dose—August 4, 2017

A Healthy Dose interviewed Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS, in an online podcast about his personal journey to become a leader at one of the world’s top hospitals for orthopedics, and his plan for continued success at HSS.

When asked about the foundation of the strategic plan at HSS, Mr. Shapiro said "the foundation of our strategic plan is one word, and that’s better....If we’re better, we’ll win, and if we’re not better, we won’t win. It’s that simple."

When asked about value at HSS, Mr. Shapiro noted that "if you put value in a math formula, you could have a low quality and a really low cost. People who want something that’s more of a commodity may go after something like that. People who are interested in higher value of a product, that’s what our ticket is to the future." He added that hiring the right people adds value to an organization.

Listen to the full podcast at soundcloud.com


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