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Need a Job? Become a Barre Fitness Instructor

Healthline—December 22, 2017

Healthline featured Pamela Geisel, MS, CSCS, exercise physiologist at HSS, in an article about the potential benefits of barre classes and the growing need for barre class instructors. According to the article, the fitness class translates a ballerina’s warmup into low-impact exercises to create 'long, lean muscles'.

Geisel said "all muscle mass is lean, so when people talk about lean muscles it’s a misnomer. The length and shape of our muscles are absolutely determined by our genetics. Our origin and our insertion, the anatomical landmarks, are decided way before we start lifting any weight or doing any exercise. You can’t change that."

"To achieve overall fitness, there has to be a balance of strength training, cardio, proper nutrition, mobility, and sleep. Those five things are going to make you the healthiest overall — and probably give you that look you’re trying to achieve," she noted.

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