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Knee Replacement: 10 Things Doctors Want You to Know

Healthgrades—July 12, 2017

In a Healthgrades slideshow, HSS hip & knee surgeon David J. Mayman, MD shared his insight on what patients should know before getting a knee replacement.

Dr. Mayman recommended that patients should ask a variety of questions of their doctor before undergoing surgery. "Patients come in asking about small incision techniques. Quite honestly, that’s a small piece of what makes a knee replacement turn out great. Instead, ask, 'Do you know how many patients are doing well? What is your complication rate?'"

On the topic of bilateral knee replacements, Dr. Mayman said it can be done if the patient is healthy enough.

"[At HSS], we do both knees at the same time in 10 to 15 percent of patients. We have very strict medical criteria, and we’re very experienced doing it."

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