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Deciding If Double Knee Replacement Is Right For You

HealthDay—June 2, 2017

HealthDay.com featured an article on the pros and cons of double knee replacement surgery.

HSS hip and knee surgeon Geoffrey H. Westrich, MD, said having a double knee replacement helps patients return to their normal lives faster and "for the right patient, it's a good option".

"However, double knee replacement is not for everyone, and people should be well-informed before making a decision," he added.

Complications such as heart problems and blood clots can occur. The best candidates for a bilateral procedure are patients in "excellent physical condition and have no underlying health problem", said Dr. Westrich.

However, Dr. Westrich said if you have one knee replaced, "recovery for a single knee replacement at a high-volume joint replacement center is much easier and faster than it was in the past."

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