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Recapping the ACR Review Course: What You May Have Missed This Year

Healio Rheumatology—November 8, 2018

Healio Rheumatology publishes a roundup of the ACR [American College of Rheumatology] yearly review course and covers a talk given by Susan M. Goodman, MD, rheumatologist at HSS.

Dr. Goodman presented data showing arthroplasty rates are increasing in non-inflammatory arthritis but appear to be stable in patients with RA [rheumatoid arthritis], although the rates, particularly in small joints, are decreasing likely thanks to advances in treatments.

Yet this data is not as optimistic in conditions such as SLE [systemic lupus erythematosus] and PA [psoriatic arthritis].

Dr. Goodman suggested continuing the current prednisone dose throughout surgery and to plan surgery at the end of the dosing cycle of the medication.

Read the full article at Healio.com.


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