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Researchers Identify Groups at Risk for Further Surgery After ACL Reconstruction

They also found 6.5% of people having ACL reconstruction had more knee surgery within 1 year.

Orthopedics Today—December 23, 2009

A study of patients who underwent ACL reconstruction shows that women, younger patients and those treated by low-volume ACL reconstruction surgeons are more likely to have subsequent knee surgery.

The research conducted by investigators at Hospital for Special Surgery also indicated that 6.5% of all patients who had an ACL reconstruction underwent an additional knee procedure on either knee within 1 year.

“Younger patients and women should be careful in adhering to rehabilitation protocols and should not rush back to high-risk athletic activities too soon,” Stephen Lyman, PhD, an author of the study, told Orthopedics Today. “This can potentially guide surgeons and physical therapists in their efforts at returning athletes to the playing field. Further study should evaluate the benefit of longer rehabilitation and lower physical demands on the post-ACL reconstructed knee.”

He noted that the volume-outcome relationship for ACL reconstruction had not been previously established.

“The clinical relevance refers to that seemingly old adage that you do not want to be a surgeon’s first case and you do not want to be his last.”

The research appears in the October issue of The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

This story originally appeared at orthosupersite.com.


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