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Q&A With Dr. Scott Rodeo On Safety-Related Rule Changes

Giants.com—September 21, 2017

In a Q&A with Giants.com, HSS sports medicine surgeon Scott A. Rodeo, MD discussed the new safety-related rule changes in the NFL. As head team physician for the New York Giants, Dr. Rodeo shared the importance of making rule changes related to player safety every year.

"I think this ongoing, yearly evaluation process is critical…. I think that the league and the NFL Team Physicians Society carefully looks at the types of injuries that occur each year, as well as injury trends over time. They then use this analysis to propose rules changes that can increase safety," said Dr. Rodeo.

When asked how NFL players can lower their risk of injury, Dr. Rodeo said "one of the most effective ways to minimize risk of injury is to establish comprehensive muscle strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility."

Read the full story at Giants.com.


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