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Nutrition on the Job Site: Why Sugar Makes You Tired (and Packs on Pounds)

Fuel—December 14, 2017

In a Fuel article, reporter Amy Bourne writes about fatigue and weight gain from sugar consumption.

The article reported that insulin is created to carry recently ingested sugar throughout the body. According to HSS sports performance specialist Tiffany Chag MS, RD, CSCS, "there’s a delay between when you stop consuming sugar and when you stop secreting insulin. This lag can result in insulin moving too much sugar into the cells, and it can leave you feeling tired."

To avoid sugar crashes, Chag recommended to "have two eggs with your juice in the morning". The article reported that the combination of protein and fiber will prolong your body’s sugar intake and energy.

If you feel like something sweet, Chag noted that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich offers a perfect carb-and-protein balance. "I recommend it for after a workout or other exertion," she said.

Read the full article at fuel.exaktime.com


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