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4 Ways to Maintain a Healthy(er) Diet on the Go

Fuel—December 22, 2017

Fuel featured HSS sports performance specialist Tiffany Chag MS, RD, CSCS in an article about how to maintain a healthy diet.

If you’re eating to gain more energy, Chag noted that soda and a high-fat diet would make you feel sluggish. As a solution, Chag recommended eating meals with a good carb-protein-fat balance.

Additionally, Chag advised preparing your meals and snacks in advance. "The more control we have over our food, the healthier options we choose," she said.

She suggested packing foods such as hard-boiled eggs and tuna sandwiches, as well as carrying water.

"Thirst is sometimes confused for hunger, so drink first," added Chag.

This article originally appeared at fuel.exaktime.com.


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