Travis Rodgers Now: Yahoo! Sports Radio with Dr. Cordasco

Yahoo! Sports Radio—November 4, 2015

Yahoo! Sports Radio show, Travis Rodgers Now, invites guest, Dr. Frank Cordasco, sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, on-air to talk about recent NFL injuries.

"You're dealing with athletes in 2015 that are very different from athletes in 1975," said Dr. Cordasco. "They're bigger, they're faster, they're stronger."

Dr. Cordasco and host, Travis Rodgers, talk about NFL injuries and the effect of recent changes in the league and current medical research, as well as major advances in orthopedic surgery over the past few decades and the future of the field.

“Because players are avoiding upper body hits, particularly head hits, because of the changes that have been made related to concussions, they are going to the lower body more frequently and that may result in more ACL injuries."

Listen to the radio show at Dr. Cordasco joins the conversation at the 18:45 mark.


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