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Can The Q-Collar Help Preserve Brain Function In Football Players?

Forbes—May 16, 2017

In an effort to prevent head injury for football players, scientists created the Q-Collar, a band-like flexible neck collar that can be worn around the neck to prevent brain slosh against the inner walls of the scull.

Forbes interviewed HSS neurologist Teena Shetty, MD on her thoughts of the new product. "The thing I would be mindful of with this sort of technology is the possibility that it increases the force of impacts in the long run. If players begin to feel safe making repeat hits using their heads, this may increase the number of impacts and possible long-term damage. We have seen this in the past with the advancement of helmets, so it is something to keep in mind moving forward."

Commenting on the study of the collar, Dr. Shetty said "it would be ideal if they also considered doing individual analyses of each player, rather than a group analysis, to track longitudinal changes and to compare each brain back to the larger cohort to determine any outliers."

In her own research, Dr. Shetty explained "if these results are reliable and can be demonstrated again in a larger number of subjects, this would definitely make me take a closer look at our results and to rethink the structural damage of head injuries."

This article originally appeared at forbes.com.



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