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FOCOS receives a delegation of medical consultants from HSS

FOCOS Orthopaedic Hospital—July 5, 2018

HSS sports medicine surgeon Michael J. Maynard, MD; physiatrist Paul M. Cooke, MD; and clinical fellow Carlo J. Milani, MD; visited FOCOS Orthopaedic Hospital in Ghana where they provided surgical and non-surgical services treating musculoskeletal conditions from spine conditions to knee arthritis.

"Each year we visit we build upon what we did the previous year, so my expectation is to see the Physiatry presence at FOCOS continue to grow and get referrals from outside providers as a Physiatry Center of Excellence in Ghana," said Dr. Cooke.

According to the article, Dr. Maynard also ran a clinic on anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions and other sports-related injuries.

"I am trying to bring a sports medicine competency here to help develop arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee. I will also hope that I can help by instituting a program in arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgery at FOCOS that can be continued in my absence," Dr. Maynard noted.

Read the full article at focoshospitalgh.com.


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