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Docs: Fear Of Sun Leads To Vitamin D Deficiency

We've Done Such A Good Job Protecting Ourselves From The Harmful Rays, 75 Percent Of Country Now Lacking

WCBS—New York—April 9, 2010

New research shows vitamin D can defend against a slew of health problems -- from cancer and diabetes to depression, heart disease and bone loss.

But, increasingly, Americans are becoming severely vitamin D deficient. The reason why may surprise you. Ironically, it's because we've done such a good job protecting ourselves from the sun and skin cancer.

Already, nearly three quarters of all Americans, many of them children, are vitamin D deficient.

High school student Stephanie Mitzner is suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. She recently had three stress fractures and her doctors at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York advise against running on her cross country team.

"In terms of running, I just don't think it's safe," said Dr. Shevaun Doyle of Hospital for Special Surgery.

"Some of the vitamin D deficient children may take longer to heal their fractures."

Until further studies are conducted the National Skin Care Foundation says the absolute best way to get the necessary vitamin D is through a combination of diet and supplements.


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