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Fathom Healthcare To Embrace Growth, Digital Health Intervention in 2015

ABC News4—December 19, 2014

The U.S. is set to spend $3.05 trillion on healthcare this year, and healthcare organizations will take more steps to realize the full potential of health IT in order to cut skyrocketing costs, increase access to care, improve quality, and encourage patient engagement. In the name of these priorities, hospitals and health systems across the country are looking for a digital health intervention.

Fathom Healthcare embraces such a future by helping its clients acquire patients, improve care and lower costs. Having achieved its growth plan for 2014, it was proud to add organizations such as Tanner Health System and Shepherd Center to its roster to 15 healthcare systems that collectively represent nearly 1,000 cares sites across the country.

Another highlight of 2014 is 7 of Fathom's clients made the 2014 list of "100 Great Hospitals in America" from Becker's Hospital Review. Fathom congratulates Hospital for Special Surgery on the honors.

Fathom also serves health IT companies that need to increase lead-generation capabilities, improve online reputation, and conduct savvy PR for venture capitalist investors. As Fathom grows, it expects significant growth for its current and future base of customers.


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