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5 simple things every athlete can do to stay healthy

ESPN—October 3, 2017

ESPN reported that HSS primary care sports medicine physician Jordan D. Metzl, MD was a panelist at the 2017 espnW: Women + Sports Summit, where he provided tips on how to proactively stay healthy.

"I believe the body is designed for everyday useā€¦. A body that is used sensibly daily gets accustomed to movement, and won't be as prone to injury," said Dr. Metzl.

Dr. Metzl explained that isolated, single-muscle exercises are not as helpful as exercises that involve multiple muscle groups. The article featured several exercises, such as the inchworm and the elevated bird dog, that fit this description.

Additionally, Dr. Metzl stressed the importance of sleep. "Sleep is the only time your body has to regenerate itself, rebuilding muscle, strengthening bone and restocking red blood cells, among other important functions," he said.

Watch the panel discussion and read the full article at ESPN.com


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