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9-12 Dr. Michelle Carlson Interview

ESPN Tucson—September 12, 2017

ESPN Tucson’s Zach Clark Show hosted HSS hand and upper extremity surgeon Michelle G. Carlson, MD to discuss a recent wrist injury affecting Arizona Cardinals’ running back David Johnson.

Dr. Carlson, who did not treat Johnson, explained the average amount of time it takes for this injury to heal. Dr. Carlson said "wrist dislocation injuries are very serious injuries and take a very long time to heal."

She added "it usually often tears the very important ligament in the wrist that’s equivalent to the ACL in the knee. To repair that ligament and for that ligament to heal takes quite a while."

If an athlete does not get proper treatment for a wrist injury, Dr. Carlson said the bones cannot stay in a proper position and therefore can cause early arthritis.

Dr. Carlson expressed that this injury does not put an athlete at risk for similar injuries in the future.

This segment originally appeared at art19.com. This segment aired during the September 12, 2017 broadcast.


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