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Schwartz on Sports Podcast: Dr. Joshua Dines of Hospital for Special Surgery (Audio)

Elite Sports NY—October 6, 2017

Elite Sports NY’s Schwartz on Sports Podcast hosted HSS sports medicine surgeon Joshua S. Dines, MD to discuss sports injuries.

When discussing ACL injuries, Dr. Dines noted "we’ve done a better job of coming up with training programs to prevent them…Our treatments have gotten better, our surgical skills have improved, the way we have repaired these and reconstruct the ACLs are better."

However, he did note that it takes about a year for those with an ACL injury to recover and return to their previous sport. For high school athletes, Dr. Dines said being out of their defined sport can be difficult both physically and emotionally.

When asked about specialization in youth sports, Dr. Dines said "you always want kids to excel at something and be great at something…but when it becomes sort of an extreme and it risks injury, that’s really when it becomes a negative. I caution my patients and parents, in particular, against specialization because it sets you up for a higher risk of injury based on the kind of given sport you’re playing."

Listen to the full interview at elitesportsny.com



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