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Real Tips for Managing Psoriatic Arthritis

Everyday Health—April 10, 2017

Everyday Health has created a video series featuring Susan M. Goodman, MD rheumatologist at HSS, who spoke on how to best manage psoriatic arthritis.

"Psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis are linked genetically," said Dr. Goodman. "Having psoriasis doesn't cause arthritis, but they are frequently seen together."

To best treat both conditions, Dr. Goodman said "managing both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis usually involves treatment from both the dermatologist and rheumatologist. So frequently patients are cared for by a combination of physicians."

To manage the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis, Dr. Goodman advised "staying fit, keeping your weight optimized, and protecting your joints." She said joint friendly activities are best, and "are any that don't entail impact. So swimming, bicycling, walking, pilates are very successful for psoriatic arthritis patients."

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