Tear Your Meniscus? This “Living Bandage” May Help

Smithsonian Magazine—January 10, 2017

Smithsonian Magazine reports on a newly patented technique with stem cells to repair a torn meniscus in the knee. While meniscus tears are common, they can be difficult to repair.

A new study recently published in Stem Cells Translational Medicine documented the first test of a 'living bandage' in five people. After two years, three patients remained symptom free.

Scott A. Rodeo, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, noted that there's no control group in this study. The technology of stem cells is far from wide use, said Dr. Rodeo, especially in the United States where culturing of stem cells is strictly regulated. "The commercial application is well ahead of the science," Dr. Rodeo added.

Read the full article at SmithsonianMag.com.


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