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Intradiscal PRP injections may reduce discogenic low back pain

Orthopedics Today—April 24, 2017

Orthopedics Today covered a recent study by HSS physiatrist Gregory E. Lutz, MD on intradiscal platelet-rich plasma injections as treatment for disrupted discs.

"[We] really had not had any treatment for internally disrupted discs that cause chronic low back pain, and intradiscal [platelet-rich plasma] PRP is showing promise and it suggests that biologic therapies could help patients with internally disrupted disc disease," said Dr. Lutz.

During the study, a group of controlled patients received a PRP injection for low back pain, and saw statistically significant improvements in pain, function and satisfaction.

“I think intradiscal biologics are the future of spine care," said Dr. Lutz.

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