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Pocono Record—August 13, 2008

Stroudsburg High School grad spends his summer in the footsteps of N.Y. surgeon.

Most of his peers are spending the summer sleeping in or relaxing on beaches. But for Stroudsburg High School graduate Chris Murawski, this summer is different.

Murawski has been interning three days a week with John G. Kennedy, M.D., a distinguished foot-and-ankle surgeon of Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Kennedy has operated on athletes from several professional teams, including the New York Giants.

The two got to know each other when Kennedy operated on Murawski’s lateral ligament. The doctor was struck by his patient’s innate curiosity for the subject.

“Chris showed a level of interest that was far greater than we have seen previously, not only from a high school student but from college graduates also,” Kennedy said. “It was not difficult to see that this man would conduct himself in a professional manner during his time here.”

So Murawski has been participating in pre- and post-op visits as well as observing during surgeries. He says that of all the lessons he has learned this summer, the most invaluable has been seeing the larger purpose of Kennedy’s job.

“This sounds like such a simple concept, but it’s one of the first things he said to me, and something that will stick with me forever,” Murawski said. “When you see a patient, you have absolutely no business trying to treat them if you don’t believe it will ultimately aid in the betterment of their lifestyle.”

Kennedy agrees.

“Orthopedic surgeons are simply carpenters of bone. Most people can learn those skills,” Kennedy said. “It cannot be just about the surgery. The lives affected by this surgery is what it is really all about.”

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