Patient-reported depressive conditions tied to asthma control

MedwireNews—June 2, 2008

Patient-reported depressive symptoms are more closely tied with asthma control than are physician-reported depressive disorders, researchers report.

Most patients receive their asthma and mental healthcare from primary care physicians, making physician diagnoses critical for the treatment of both conditions, say the researchers.

In a cross-sectional analysis, they assessed patient- and physician-reported depressive conditions relating to asthma severity and control in 257 patients with mild-intermittent to moderate-persistent asthma.

Asthma severity referred to the long-term nature of asthma as a chronic illness, whereas asthma control referred to its short-term nature and potential to wax and wane.

Patient-reported depressive symptoms were determined using the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS), report Carol Mancuso, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, and colleagues in the journal Chest.


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