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Leg up for Elite Dancers Might Lead to Later Problems

Houston Chronicle—September 10, 2015

The Houston Chronicle reports on findings of a new study completed by physicians at Houston Methodist that suggests elite ballet dancers may have an anatomical advantage that allows them to have extreme range of motion. According to the article, this advantage may result in a greater risk for hip issues later in life.

HSS orthopedic surgeon, Danyal H. Nawabi, MD, FRCS, notes in the article that previous studies have indicated that dysplasia can lead to hip arthritis and if gone untreated, may even lead to a need for hip replacement.

"It's quite concerning to a certain extent to see how high this prevalence of dysplasia is in this population," said Dr. Nawabi. "I think it may be a too simplistic to say that hip dysplasia is solely responsible for the large range of motion seen in ballet dancers, because there are other soft-tissue and anatomic factors that can contribute to this excessive motion."

To read the full article, visit www.houstonchronicle.com.


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