Dennis Pitta won't play this season, says he's not ready to retire

The Baltimore Sun—November 11, 2015

The Baltimore Sun covers Baltimore Ravens' tight end Dennis Pitta's decision to go on injured reserve and end his season. He isn't quite ready to say goodbye to football forever, but his future remains in doubt.

According to Dr. Danyal Nawabi, MD, FRCS, sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, repeated hip dislocations increase the risk of Avascular necrosis, a condition that ended Bo Jackson’s career.

"Each time the hip dislocates, the blood supply to the hip is compromised, and in severe cases, the hip may not survive," said Dr. Nawabi. "That's the main concern about letting a guy like this play again. And the more times he dislocates it, the more risk you are putting on your hip."

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