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Winning at 39,000 feet: How an evolving approach to air travel is helping pro jocks gain a competitive edge and avoid debilitating jet lag, swelling, and dangerous blood clots

Daily Mail—December 19, 2017

Daily Mail featured HSS hip and knee surgeon Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle, MD, in an article about how constant air travel could affect an athlete’s health.

"If [the athlete has] an injury, they should expect increased swelling along with increased pain with air travel. With swelling, there is more tension in the muscular compartments of the extremities, but if there is an associated injury, the patient will be more aware of it," said Dr. Della Valle.

He noted that swelling is a result of cabin pressure and could potentially lead to blood clots.

To prevent blood clots, Dr. Della Valle recommended wearing compression tights and drinking plenty of fluids.

Read the full article at dailymail.co.uk


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