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Looking To Age Without Slowing Down? Hit The (Yoga) Mat, Says HSS

Daily Voice Paramus—July 31, 2017

Daily Voice Paramus featured Katrin Ramsey, physical therapist and yoga instructor at HSS Rehabilitation in Paramus, discussing the benefits of yoga for older adults. For example, regular yoga practice can enhance balance ability. "Improving static and dynamic balance minimizes fear of falling and significantly reduces fall risk potential. Yoga participation also facilitates improved postural control skills of practitioners, which helps your body effectively neutralize the repetitive biomechanical stress forces associated with bending, reaching and lifting activities of daily living," said Ramsey.

According to the article, yoga poses are shown to improve overall bone health from weight bearing exercise positions.

"Keeping your bones healthy and strong helps minimize the risk of osteopenia/osteoporosis progression and minimizes future fracture risk," Ramsey said.

She added that prior to initiating any exercise regimen, it’s important to obtain physician medical clearance.

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