CyMedica QB1 System Now Commercially Available for Treatment of Quadriceps Muscle Atrophy

News-Medical.Net—April 29, 2015 reports on the commercial launch of the CyMedica QB1™ System for the treatment of quadriceps muscle atrophy at the Arthroscopy Association of North American Arthroscopic Society for Sports Medicine (AANA) annual meeting last week.

"The CyMedica QB1 knee brace and wrap is a game changer in orthopedics," said Struan H. Coleman, MD, PhD, Sports Medicine Surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery and CyMedica co-founder. "The QB1 will allow the orthopedic surgeon to treat every patient like a professional athlete by initiating neuromuscular activation immediately following knee surgery."

The QB1 capitalizes on proprietary revolutionary NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) technology and combines three best-in-class products: a postoperative knee brace, a form-fitting conductive garment and a user-friendly NMES control interface.

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