Should You See a Chiropractor?

Runner’s World—September 2, 2016

Runner’s World investigates what chiropractors do and who should see them. Chiropractors make manual adjustments to joints, mostly to those in the spine, to relieve pain and restore range of motion. A misaligned vertebrae can cause discomfort and tightness in the back, hip and extremities.

They spoke with Christopher Anselmi, DC, chiropractor at HSS, to learn more. Dr. Anselmi explains how this therapy can correct musculoskeletal imbalances and improve joint mobility to allow athletes to run with proper biomechanics.

Typically, a sports chiropractor will watch you run and test for imbalances. Then you will lie on a table while he or she moves you into various positions and pulls or presses your body to align joints.

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