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Dr. Erin Manning on concussions for Texans

SportsRadio 610—September 12, 2017

SportsRadio 610’s In the Loop hosted HSS neurologist Erin E. Manning, MD live on-air to discuss recent concussions affecting NFL football players. Dr. Manning explained the NFL’s protocol for treating a concussion and the average amount of time it takes for a player to return to the field.

Dr. Manning said the first step is to remove the player from the game and to evaluate their symptoms. Once the symptoms begin to improve, Dr. Manning said players can slowly begin their activities to determine if they’re ready to play again. She added this process varies in length, but can take at least several days.

She noted that football players "can’t even start to work their way back until symptoms have improved."

Dr. Manning expressed that more players are paying attention to the issue of concussions. "I thought it was great that so many players were reporting symptoms because they understand the symptoms and risks involved with a concussion."

Listen to the full segment at omny.fm. This segment aired live during the September 12, 2017 afternoon broadcast.


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